Alaska–What a beautiful adventure land

In mid-September I had a professional meeting in Anchorage AK.  This is one of my favorite destinations in the world with all the wildlife and beautiful scenery that you can’t see anywhere else in the US in my opinion.  Alaska has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiast and even if you love the comfort of YOUR easy chair there is something in the way of culture, animal viewing, and activities for everyone, big and small to do.
Although this was a working “vacation” I visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage AK (just a mere 45 minutes out of Anchorage). This conservation center serves abandoned and orphaned animals with two goals in mind: the first is rehabilitation and release back into the wild, and the second is research and 
Mr Moose
community education.  
Have you ever petted a moose–yes, the enormous, 1000lbs plus animal–while there is velvet on their antlers?  There was only one younger male who was ok with having his fur petted but all it takes is one to make a once in a lifetime experience . 
There also was a brown bear, you know the teddy bear type of bear, who decided that it was too hot for him.  The air temperature was a mere 
Little Black Bear in the Tree
50 degrees, so in the water he went to cool off.  In the “field” across from him was a huge black bear with his brown nose munching on cabbage and other vegetables that had been given him.  They have elk, caribou, wood bison, reindeer and so many other animals that it is a great place for you to visit going to Anchorage.  
They have four wolves in their habitat which were white, gray and mixed blondish. They posed as if on cue for my pictures, ever watching what I was doing and checking out my actions. 
Brown Bear Cooling off
In the next enclosure was a small black bear who decided that the only place he wanted to be was up a tree.
Wood Bison
I also enjoyed a 26 Glacier Cruise by Phillips Cruises and Tours which started with a ride on the Alaska Railway from Anchorage to Whittier then a 4+ hour cruise in the Prince William Sound area from Whittier to see at least 26 glaciers.  I not only saw them from a distance in their majestic glory but up close and person.  I have never been that close to these giant ice flows.  I was fortunate to see calving of the glacier as a giant piece of ice broke into the sea with a rather large wave.  I also watched as sea lions and otters played in the water.  There were also the occasional bald eagle flying by.
Watching for Calving
Alaska is a land of beauty and majesty which needs to be experienced not only from a cruise ship but on land.  The people are genuine and remind me so much of the Hawaiian people with their generosity and friendliness.  They are so glad to share their culture and experiences with all who come to their state.  They love to show off their lifestyles.  If fishing or hunting or hiking is what interests you there are opportunities for all that within minutes of towns and villages.  
If Alaska is on your bucket list, let’s check it off and schedule a trip there now.  It does not matter if it is winter or summer or in between there is always something to see and experience in this wild state.
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