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Kyra’s Personal Adventures Driving Cross Country


From settlers braving the Oregon Trail to families packing up their station wagons for the summer, cross-country road trips have been part of American culture for generations. There is so much to see! Seven people

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Yellowstone Steaming Pots

can drive coast-to-coast and have seven entirely different experiences. It all comes down to your interests: are you a foodie, always searching for the best local cuisine? Are you a nature buff,

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Driving Mountain Passes

Looking to hike and camp through as many parks and forests as possible? Maybe your passion is fashion, wine and spirits, or history. Maybe you care most about music, or cars.

The beauty and genius of the road trip is its customizability.

They can be as intense or leisurely as you like, and if you don’t want to stop somewhere then you don’t have to. You are the master of your own vacation.

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Rugged Mountains

Having recently driven cross country myself, I will add that sometimes road trips are a mix of business and pleasure. In my case, I was moving to the east coast with my partner for school. Our budget was slim, but even we found ways to stop and smell the proverbial roses. Camping in national parks and forests not only kept lodging costs down, it afforded opportunity for fun and exploration!


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Yellowstone Residents

We languished in a natural hot spring in Montana, and wound our overstuffed sedan through the beautiful and somewhat harrowing mountains of Big Horn National Forest.

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Old Faithful on Time

We marveled at the timeless glory of artist point in Yellowstone National Park, went spelunking in the Jewel Cave of Black Hills National Forest, and ate ice cream at Mount Rushmore. We watched lightning split the sky over the jagged erosion of Badlands National Park.

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We were also fortunate to have friends and family along our route. With them, we appreciated backyard gardens and ate hearty meals with homemade wine. We sipped micro-brews while playing cards at a local brew house. We visited museums, and historic down towns, and mural festivals. We talked for long hours, until we grew tongue-tied with drowsiness, and with warm sleepy waves toddled off to bed.

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Still Smiling and Happy

By the end of our road trip my partner and I were sick of air mattresses, but we were happy. It had been the trip of a lifetime-utterly unique, and not to be duplicated. There is so much more country to see for us to want it any other way.

by Kyra Boyle