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Betty O'Brien, CTA, BS has been in the travel industry more than two decades. Betty is an independent affiliate finding the best value and obtaining the most up to date information to make your travel easy and one you will rave about for years to come. All adventures are met with the same dedication and enthusiasm, whether they are short vacations, or cruises from 1 day to 120 days, or advanced worldwide travel. She prides herself on personalized service and attention to detail, and strives to make your trip one that you will love to remember. Over the last 20 years Betty has developed a unique perspective on the travel industry, and has determined that a one-size-fits-all approach to travel rarely ever works. Consultations with her are highly specialized; just as every person is different, every trip Betty designs is specifically tailored to fit the people who are taking it. Whether it is a short vacation, a cruise from 1 day to 120 days, or advanced worldwide travel, all adventures are met with the same dedication and enthusiasm. She believes in being honest with her clients, and helping them to truly make their vacation theirs. She also holds the title of Aussie Specialist: a designation made by the Australia Tourism board that is only awarded to select individuals who have completed hours of testing, as well as multiple in depth trips to Australia to experience the country up front and personal. Her in-depth personal knowledge enriches the experiences of her clients as she assists them in designing their trips to Australia, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, or worldwide cruises. Let’s take advantage of her expertise now. Don’t find yourself wondering where the time has gone; don’t push this off. Now is the time travel, relax, and spend time with the ones we love. Now is the time for vacation!

First Time Cruiser Hints

Have your boarding “pass” and all your documents (passports, driver’s license, or id credentials) ready and in hand when you arrive at the embarkation port. Be ready to smile at the camera which will take your picture for ship board identification. You will use this card when you are making purchases, to get in and out of your stateroom, to …

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Packing tips for a River Cruise

River cruises are so much fun and are fast becoming a popular vacation adventure, especially in Europe. However, like many vacations, packing for a river cruise can be a challenge. What do you bring? How much can you jam into your carry on? Here are a few packing tips to simplify your packing and focus more on your cruise.   …

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Packing for a Luxury Cruise

Pack for where you’re going. Your cruise may be stopping at a wide range of places, so it’s important to have clothing packed for each weather condition you’ll be going to. Some places may be more humid and warm while others are more chilled. Pack what you think is appropriate for where you’re headed. Make sure to pack shoes that …

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