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New Member of our Team

Yes, we are growing and with the addition of our new associate, Kyra Boyle we have added the young person’s advice and thoughts to our company.  Kyra brings the vibrancy and ideas that are new and fresh to help our clients make the most of their vacation.   A.S.K. ABOUT TRAVEL has extended our reach to other parts of the …

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Packing tips for a River Cruise

River cruises are so much fun and are fast becoming a popular vacation adventure, especially in Europe. However, like many vacations, packing for a river cruise can be a challenge. What do you bring? How much can you jam into your carry on? Here are a few packing tips to simplify your packing and focus more on your cruise.   …

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Packing for a Luxury Cruise

Pack for where you’re going. Your cruise may be stopping at a wide range of places, so it’s important to have clothing packed for each weather condition you’ll be going to. Some places may be more humid and warm while others are more chilled. Pack what you think is appropriate for where you’re headed. Make sure to pack shoes that …

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Fun Facts about Kenya

FUN FACT #1: Kenya is the world’s 47th largest country – about the size of Texas and features 23 terrestrial National Parks, 28 terrestrial National Reserves, 4 marine National Parks, 6 marine National Reserves and 4 national sanctuaries. FUN FACT #2: Coffee is the biggest income generator for the country as an export product – if you have not tried …

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Grand Safari 2015

We start our incredible journey at the famous Victoria Falls, one of Unesco Natural wonders of the world. Stay at the luxurious, Colonial inspired Livingston Lodge. The setting is magnificent overlooking the Zambezi River and the Falls. . Our next stop is the Luxury Zambezi Queen River Safari for 3 nights; cruising the Chobe and Zambezi rivers. There is wonderful …

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Wild Walkabout Travels

Dear Fellow Travelers,  You know us as A.S.K. about Travel, but have you heard about our new addition? Wild Walkabout Travels has the same great service and personal approach, but with a furry edge! The focus for Wild Walkabout Travels is to get you interacting with animals in Australia, New Zealand, Africa-and even some unexpected places, like Japan! Did you know there is a place …

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