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Ready for Spring?

The sprouting of these glorious pink and white blossoms coincides perfectly with more hours of sunshine and fewer days of gloomy rain. Cherry blossoms are the first plants to break seasonal dormancy, and their pop of color is almost startling after months of grey. When you combine the weather and plant life with the re-opening of Portland’s festive and bustling …

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White Water Rafting in Pacific Northwest

It takes a solid hour to drive to White Salmon, Washington from Portland, Oregon, but the nice thing about being up at 8am on a Sunday is that the highways are clear, so the going is quick. There are definitely more mountains in this neck of the woods, and all of the vegetation seems drier (or maybe it’s just the …

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New Member of our Team

Yes, we are growing and with the addition of our new associate, Kyra Boyle we have added the young person’s advice and thoughts to our company.  Kyra brings the vibrancy and ideas that are new and fresh to help our clients make the most of their vacation.   A.S.K. ABOUT TRAVEL has extended our reach to other parts of the …

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Explore Australia

 Have you been to the Land Down Under? I have 9 times and will make number 10 a trip of a lifetime by circumnavigating this wonderful continent. The people are so warm and inviting and what can I say about the unique animals! Kangaroos and Kookaburras are easy to spot when you leave the city centers. One of my favorite …

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2017 Trends from Travel Pulse

As 2017 is upon us, and there is already plenty to be excited for in the new year for cruise travel. However, there are still those things that we would like to see more or less of, and below is our annual wish list that follows. Less Charging for Internet Access It’s all fine and good that cruise lines love to …

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Cuba is now open for Visitors

Cuba is now open to the American visitor and people are starting to flock there.  This “forgotten” part of the world is now experiencing such a growth in tourism that is is amazing and astonishing.   Be one of  the first to experience Cuba as it was and before it changes and is “modernized” by the influx of people.the people are warm …

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Top 10 Reasons for Using Betty Obrien as your Travel Consultant

By Kyra Boyle Well, that’s where you’re missing out. Here are ten really good reasons to give Betty Obrien, a travel consultant a call. The convenience of one-stop shop. Instead of making a different online account for the hotel, the cruise, and the travel arrangements, all of that is organized through Betty. Planning a trip is not so overwhelming if …

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The Cruise Price is What?!!!!

When the internet cruise web site says, “You can cruise for $549.00”? Does it seem too good to be true? Think about it; 7 days of non-stop food, and entertainment, a nice cabin and maid service and a variety of places to see for $549.00. Let’s look at this more carefully by comparing apples to apples: A 7 day Canada New England cruise on …

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Travel Insurance. Is it Necessary?

Let’s talk this week about Travel Insurance. Everyone is asked if they want to take travel insurance for every booking, but is it necessary? In my mind I say yes, and I put travel insurance on all of my personal booking. Your vacation can be spoiled completely by an unexpected mishap or illness or canceled flight or weather issues. That is also not to …

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