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Travel Tips

American Diversity

Kyra’s Personal Adventures Driving Cross Country   From settlers braving the Oregon Trail to families packing up their station wagons for the summer, cross-country road trips have been part of American culture for generations. There is so much to see! Seven people can drive coast-to-coast and have seven entirely different experiences. It all comes down to your interests: are you …

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Alaska–What a beautiful adventure land

In mid-September I had a professional meeting in Anchorage AK.  This is one of my favorite destinations in the world with all the wildlife and beautiful scenery that you can’t see anywhere else in the US in my opinion.  Alaska has so much to offer the outdoor enthusiast and even if you love the comfort of YOUR easy chair there …

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New Member of our Team

Yes, we are growing and with the addition of our new associate, Kyra Boyle we have added the young person’s advice and thoughts to our company.  Kyra brings the vibrancy and ideas that are new and fresh to help our clients make the most of their vacation.   A.S.K. ABOUT TRAVEL has extended our reach to other parts of the …

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Explore Australia

 Have you been to the Land Down Under? I have 9 times and will make number 10 a trip of a lifetime by circumnavigating this wonderful continent. The people are so warm and inviting and what can I say about the unique animals! Kangaroos and Kookaburras are easy to spot when you leave the city centers. One of my favorite …

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First Time Cruiser Hints

Have your boarding “pass” and all your documents (passports, driver’s license, or id credentials) ready and in hand when you arrive at the embarkation port. Be ready to smile at the camera which will take your picture for ship board identification. You will use this card when you are making purchases, to get in and out of your stateroom, to …

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Packing tips for a River Cruise

River cruises are so much fun and are fast becoming a popular vacation adventure, especially in Europe. However, like many vacations, packing for a river cruise can be a challenge. What do you bring? How much can you jam into your carry on? Here are a few packing tips to simplify your packing and focus more on your cruise.   …

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Packing for a Luxury Cruise

Pack for where you’re going. Your cruise may be stopping at a wide range of places, so it’s important to have clothing packed for each weather condition you’ll be going to. Some places may be more humid and warm while others are more chilled. Pack what you think is appropriate for where you’re headed. Make sure to pack shoes that …

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Top 10 Reasons for Using Betty Obrien as your Travel Consultant

By Kyra Boyle Well, that’s where you’re missing out. Here are ten really good reasons to give Betty Obrien, a travel consultant a call. The convenience of one-stop shop. Instead of making a different online account for the hotel, the cruise, and the travel arrangements, all of that is organized through Betty. Planning a trip is not so overwhelming if …

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