First Time Cruiser Helpful Hints and Ideas

First time cruising helpful hints and ideas The first time cruiser may have some ideas about what to expect and what to do. I will try to help you through this process with a few hints and thoughts
  • Various Id's

    Various Id’s

    Have your boarding “pass” and all your documents (passports, driver’s license, or id credentials) ready and in hand when you arrive at the embarkation port.

  • Be ready to smile at the camera which will take your picture for ship board identification. You will use this card when you are making purchases, to get in and out of your stateroom, to re-board the ship when you go ashore at ports just to name a few time.
  • You will be welcomed perhaps with a cocktail or champagne and shown where your cabin is. If you arrive before you cabin is ready you will be asked to go to the buffet area for a lunch time feast until your bags and everyone else’s are brought on board and taken to your stateroom.
  • You can bring a lanyard with you or purchase one on board and have the reception desk punch a hole in one corner for easy access to your stateroom or to make charges to your account.
  • You may want to pack a swim suit in your hand carry for a quick dip in the pool or hot tub before or after lunch.
  • Immediately before the ship sails you will have a mandatory life boat drill. Read the information on the back of your stateroom door for exact location of your drill station.

    Holland America Id Card

    Holland America Id Card

  • After the drill is time to explore. Make sure you bring your ship diagram from your stateroom so you can find your way to the theater, dining rooms, shops, casino or the locations you are interested in.
  • The shops and casino do not open until the ship has hit the 3 mile limit and is in international waters.
  • Check your daily newspaper which is in your stateroom for the times of shows, games, classes and all the events which are going on that day.
  • Your air conditioning will NOT work if you have your balcony door open.
  • All of the doors to the ship and deck are heavy so be prepared and if there is wind blowing they are even heavier
  • If your ship has “Your Account” on your TV screen check it periodically so you won’t be surprised at the end of the cruise with your on board charges.
  • Lanyard examples

    Lanyard examples

    For any emergencies pick up your stateroom phone or a phone in any of the public areas and tell the person who answers what challenge you are having.

  • The day before you are leaving your relaxing cruise vacation, there will be questionnaires left in your stateroom to assist the cruise line in knowing how they can improve their services. Please fill them out and also recommend your favorite persons on board who helped you and you appreciated.
  • On the night before disembarkation you will be asked to pack and leave your bag in the hall for pickup and transfer with you to your next destination. It might be a hotel or the airport based on what you have told the cruise line on embarkation.  Attach the appropriate bag tag which was left in your stateroom.  Make sure you leave out clothes to wear the next day and have a hand carry bag with you for your PJs or sleep clothes.

I hope these thoughts will make your first cruise a special occasion and take some of the mystery out of it.  Bon Voyage