Helpful Hints that may save your personal information when you are flying

In this day and age you are being offered wi-fi when you are flying on domestic aircraft.  You should be aware of the dangers than can occur.  There are many passengers on the same plane with you using the wi-fi in a very confined space and this gives the hackers plenty of time to download your information as you are transmitting info. 

Here are a few hints for protecting yourself so you do not become a victim of hackers.

  • Disable your wi-fi when you are not using it
  • Make sure that your firewall is installed correctly and is operational
  • Use multiple passwords with many variations
  • Make sure that you are connecting to a secure website (https:) and install any secure updates that may be offered
  • When you connect to the wi-fi for the first time make sure that it is designated as Public to eliminate you being visible by other computers
  • Make sure that you are connected to the connect network and not a look alike or sound alike
  • On disconnecting make sure that this is disabled through your wireless manager


Enjoy your time in the air but be safe and smart about it.

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