How to find the BEST Cruise for You

How to Find the BEST Cruise Adventure for You

  • Find a knowledgeable travel professional to ask questions and book for you like us.
  • If booking online beware that all of the information that the supplier or website is providing may not be provided. For example, they may not quote port charges or taxes. The price may look inviting, but by the time the online supplier finishes adding in the necessary charges (charged by the cruise line not the agent) it is usually at the same price point that a travel professional will quote upfront.
  • A law passed several years ago dictates that all agents who sell cruises MUST quote the same price. If they are not then they are giving back some of their commission to the cruise lines to secure the booking. This is called rebating and is illegal-so don’t get caught in a messy situation!
  • Your additional price point options are adding transfers, pre or post hotel, air, insurance (highly recommended and you will have to sign a release if you chose to decline).
  • You will be responsible for: gratuities, specialty restaurants, drinks (other than tea, coffee and juice), shore excursions, casino, laundry service, wi-fi and anything else of a personal nature. You may purchase extra items in the form of drink passes on any lines EXCEPT the luxury ones who include them.
  • Ships vary in size, so be aware of the size of the vessel you are booked on and the ratio of staff to passenger for adequate service that you like. You can book any vessel from 100 passenger to 4000 passenger and higher in newer ships.
  • All ships now have stabilizers and for the most part there is very little seasickness unless you are sailing into a major storm.