National Parks that deserve a visit

Our National Parks in California are well worth the visit or return visit if it has been a while since you have been there. I was fortunate enough to visit Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park and Mojave Nature Preserve last week. The diverse locations and sights amazed me. In climbing over the pass while leaving Yosemite the snow was over 15 feet tall on the sides of the highway and many of the passes were still closed. I have never traveled through these parts of California and was amazed and pleasantly surprised at the different types of terrain and people that lived there on the eastern side of this great state. This state is truly a study in diversification and livelihoods.

Entrance to Volcano National Park -- Custom Vacation

Entrance to Volcano National Park

If you haven’t visited your local National Park maybe it is time to do so.  Our Parks are so beautiful and are in almost every state of the US be it contiguous or island.  On our island of Hawaii (formerly known as Big Island) we have Volcano National Park on the Hilo side.  This is the home of the shield volcano’s and they are spreading their lava as we speak.  Today would be a great day to visit.

Tunnel Rock in Sequoia National Park -- Custom Vacations

Tunnel Rock in Sequoia National Park



I had the opportunity to visit Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks recently and then traveled down to Mojave National Preserve.  Talk about diversity.  The giant sequoias and the beauty of Bridal Falls and El Capitan and the giant trees and all the critters make it a must see location for anyone to visit.


Parasite on bush in Mojave -- Custom Vacation

Parasite on bush in Mojave

Wild Flowers of the desert -- Custom Vacation

Wild Flowers of the desert

At the time I was at Mojave National Preserve the wild flowers were making their appearance all over the desert.   There is a parasitic plant which feels like plastic which covers the existing bushes with itself.  It is a bright orange/yellow and is very pretty.  Of course there are tiny little beautiful flowers there also   You also can go to see the Kelso Station and learn about the history of the area.  There are also the Thundering Sand dunes.  Quite a variety to say the least.