Old City; Young People–Barcelona


For the next few weeks I would like to tall you about my latest excursion to the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Barcelona is a wonderful city full of old world charm and very young families and activities. It seems like every family has a dog and they love to walk them throughout the city at any hour of the day.

The transportation in this city varies from scooter, bike, walking, trams, bus and train.

The harbor area is one of the busiest in Europe with ships of all shapes, sizes and reasons to be there. When I was there the NCL Epic was in port with 4 other ships sailing the Mediterranean.

The monuments and statues within the city are a feast for those of us who love history and art. Christopher Columbus sailed from here on his trip to discover the “new world” and is depicted in his own monument on one of the city’s many roundabouts.

Flamenco Dancing in Barcelona

Flamenco Dancing in Barcelona

The beach is beautiful and many miles long where the inhabitants and visitors play and enjoy the many restaurants and amusements long the way.

One of the attractions which should not be missed is the Flamenco show. You could choose from drinks and show or dinner and show.

The performers really outdid themselves dancing and singing of over 1 1/2 hours. It was amazing and it was interesting to hear the songs which (although I couldn’t understand the words) sounded very Arabic.

Gaudi Architecture

Gaudi Architecture

If you have an opportunity to visit Barcelona I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful city. I have included some of the interesting architecture that is throughout the city.

Don’t forget that Gaudi’s works are all over the eastern side of this city with all of his unique styles.