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General Information Terms and Conditions:
By booking your arrangement with us, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement and any additional terms and of any supplier that are applicable to your booking arrangements. The lead passenger assumes the responsibility of sharing these terms and conditions with each passenger in their group, including payment of all amounts when due. It is the responsibility of each passenger to read our terms and conditions in its entirety. In addition, we reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. If there is any part of these terms and conditions that you do not agree with, please do not use our travel services
Important Note:

While every effort is made to adhere to specifics shown in this or any other A.S.K. About Travel publication, circumstances may necessitate variations. Therefore, all fares, taxes, hotel charges, vessel itineraries, times of arrival and departure, port charges / handling fees, and other information contained therein are subject to change without advance notice. All cruise fares, hotel fares, transfers, and other prices appearing in this publication are those in effect at the time of publication.  Under normal conditions fare pricing is guaranteed at the time your full payment is paid. Exceptions to prices would be in the event of currency fluctuations or major changes in world conditions, such as in the case of a sharp escalation in the price of oil or other factors beyond the control of A.S.K. About Travel, which would cause a significant change in the company’s operating costs. Note that national laws, regulations and local customs of various countries may supersede A.S.K. About TRAVEL terms, conditions and tariffs.

Vacation components are contracted by A.S.K. About Travel, 73-4430 Holoholo Street, Kailua Kona, HI 96740 808-325-1651 or 808-960-4108. All documentation covering Cruise Line, ground operations, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, and other services and facilities furnished are issued by A.S.K. About Travel only as agent for the companies furnishing such services and facilities, and neither A.S.K. About Travel, it’s owners, it’s representatives, nor its sub-agents shall be held liable for loss or damage to property, death or injury to person caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional, negligent or otherwise of any Cruise Line, transportation company, hotel, agent or any party providing such services. Without limiting the foregoing, A.S.K. About Travel shall have no liability to any client or customer for the quality of services and the condition of cleanliness, safety standards with which any vessel complies or does not comply, or hotel or housing facility, to claims arising out of any liability as contracting carriers for chartered vessels, or for any transportation delay, including, but not limited to liability for death or illness, inconvenience, shortened vacation time, bankruptcy of any provider or sub-agent, claims based upon or arising out of any failure to return monies deposited or advanced by or on behalf of prospective travelers, irrespective of the cause of such failure to provider or sub-agent; Charters of the vessel, strikes, lockouts, riots or stoppage of labor, additional expense, weather conditions, conditions of sea, or air, war or acts of war, terrorism, nuclear attack, epidemics, pandemics or any other kind of damage, defect or failures of the vehicle, equipment or instrumentality under the control of independent suppliers. The right is reserved by A.S.K. About Travel to cancel or alter any itinerary as conditions require. A.S.K. About Travel is justified for any reason to do so without liability for damage or for any loss to the passengers. A.S.K. About Travel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at its discretion. Deposit or payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all Terms and Conditions set forth by A.S.K. About Travel, and each Cruise Line or Tour Suppliers Terms and Conditions set forth in their applicable brochure. ARBITRATION: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be exclusively settled by arbitration under the rules of the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such arbitration shall be held in the county of Hawaii, State of Hawaii USA and Judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.
To ensure professional service, please consult your travel advisor for reservations. Hotel reservations are subject to change in the event of a full hotel buy-out. In the event of a buy-out of the property or stoppage of labor for whatever cause or for any other reason beyond its control, A.S.K. About Travel may cancel or postpone any scheduled reservation and shall not be liable for any loss to passengers by reason of such cancellation or postponement.
Forms of payment:
Payment may be made by personal check, or wire transfer to A.S.K. About Travel account. All returned checks are subject to a $45.00 service charge. While we do accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, customers must provide us a signed charge authorization agreement for every transaction for your trip. Your authorization is a binding agreement for us to charge your card, and as such, you waive any right to a charge back in the case of cancellation for any cause (excepting fraud), including a force majeure event, as defined herein, and agree to refund policies and procedures as outlined in these terms and conditions. In the event a client attempts to charge back, reverse or recollect a trip payment already made without our authorization, we reserve the right to collect all additional costs, fees and expenses associated with such charge back, reversal or recollection, including, without limitation, attorney fees.
A 20% deposit of the total fare is required by A.S.K. About Travel at time of booking to hold your reservation or the amount required by the supplier.  For hotel stays over 21 days, a higher deposit may be required, please call our office for additional details. A booking may be canceled by A.S.K. About Travel if the deposit is not received within 7 days from date of booking.
Form of payment:
Payment may be made by personal check, or wire transfer to A.S.K. About Travel account. All returned checks are subject to a $45.00 service charge. We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.  Original signature must accompany the charge form.
Final Payment:
Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure or 2 weeks prior to the requested date of the supplier. Reservations are subject to cancellation by A.S.K. About Travel unless final payment is received at the agreed on date.
Prices are subject to change without notice unless paid in full, based on varying currency fluctuations. All taxes and port charges are subject to change without notice. The fares shown are in US Dollars and are per person, double occupancy. Each hotel or operator has the right to limit the number of single occupancy guest rooms.
A.S.K. About Travel vouchers are issued for each booking. Documents will be released upon receipt of full payment and will be emailed at least 14 days prior to departure. Documents may be requested earlier if full payment has been received by A.S.K. About Travel. For bookings made within 21 days of departure, documents may have to be sent by overnight courier. These fees will be added to the total package fare.
Late Booking Fee, Change and Cancellation Fees:
After receipt of deposit some hotels charge fees for changes made prior to arrival or during holiday seasons. These charges are in addition to the fees stated below. Additional change fees and restrictions are governed by local tariffs and vary widely. A.S.K. About Travel has the right to impose a $25.00 late booking fee for travel within 14 days of departure or a $25.00 fee for each revision made after initial deposit is received. This will be in addition to any change fees imposed by tour, activity or transportation companies. Consult A.S.K. About Travel to determine if itinerary changes are allowed or if change fees apply and become additional charges to those stated here in.
Condominium or House rental cancellation fees vary. For all other reservations, if after receipt of deposit reservations are canceled 61 or more days before scheduled arrival a non-refundable, non-transferable Administrative Fee of $75.00 US per person or per booking will be assessed, regardless of suite or hotel resale, reservations canceled will be assessed the following charges:
61 days and over $75.00 per person or per booking Administrative Fee (non-refundable and non-transferable)
60-31 days 20% of applicable fare
30-15 days 50% of applicable fare
14-days or less 100% of all applicable fares or non-appearance or no written notice of cancellation
*Different vendors have different cancellation requirements. We will advise you of those cancellations:
Refunds of unused transportation, if applicable, are subject to Tour operators, hotel and their individually set Terms and Conditions set forth in their brochure or contract, and may be subject to carrier cancellation fees. Refunds are based on the actual costs of service involved and not on a per diem basis. Refunds will not be made for unused sightseeing trips, shore excursions or meals. Requests for refund must be made in writing to A.S.K. About Travel within 14 days of cancellation. Should there be a declaration of war or act of war, each hotel, transportation company, tour operator and supplier individually reserves the right to impose cancellation fees or waive cancellation fees as they deem necessary. If distressed rates are extended to the guests, the travel advisor will not be entitled to compensation for these distressed rates. A.S.K. About Travel reserves the right to maintain the corporate cancellation policies in place.      Land Tours and Shore Excursions: All shore excursions and land tours are operated by independent contractors and A.S.K. About Travel acts only as an agent in booking them and shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or death arising out of any service provided. These independent contractors may impose additional limitations of liability.
Change and Cancellation Waiver:
It is highly recommended that each passenger take trip cancellation insurance, and travel insurance, in case of illness, injury loss of life or limb, and loss of or damage to property. A.S.K. About Travel will offer assistance, but assumes no responsibility for evacuation or treatment in case of illness or injury, or for claims originating as a result of lost or stolen luggage and/or property. Baggage is at the owner’s risk throughout the tour. This insurance may be purchased through  A.S.K. About Travel.
International Travel Documents:
It is the passenger’s obligation to obtain a valid passport, visas and public health documents for all applicable destinations. Passengers are responsible for being in possession of their own Passport and Visa for each country as appropriate, according to their nationality. Consult your travel agent for advice on such requirements for each country of entry.  A.S.K. About Travel will not be held liable for misinformation provided by the travel advisor on such requirements. Each guests is advised by A.S.K. About Travel to seek current immunization advice from their own physician.
Holiday Travel:
Various hotels, and operators, and activities have special cancellation charges, minimum stay and refund policies for stays during the period of peak season travel during Easter and Christmas holiday periods. If there is a surcharge for such services, these will be in addition to those stated in these General Information and Conditions.
Not included:
Prices reflected do not include visas, passports, excess baggage fees, resort fees or hotel fees imposed by the individual resort or hotel, laundry, personal insurance coverage, airport departure taxes, airfares (unless duly noted), portage, gratuities, beverages, meals (except where otherwise noted) and communication and telephone calls or any items of a personal nature and are solely the responsibility of each guest while onboard the vessel(s) or in the hotel(s) or on tours.
Physical Disabilities/Special Diets:
Any physical or mental disability requiring special attention, treatment or facility must be advised in writing to A.S.K. About Travel at the time the initial reservations are made and before deposit is accepted.  Each operator and/or hotel has the right to refuse service to anyone who, in the company’s opinion, is in such physical or mental condition as to require care beyond that which the company can provide. Special dietary needs must be advised at the time of booking. Every effort will be made to comply.
Activity Participation / Release and Waiver:
We (the guest(s) participating in trip referenced in this confirmation) acknowledge that we have voluntarily chosen to participate in the trip referenced in the confirmation of services provided. We acknowledge that we may be subjecting myself/ourselves to dangers and hazards, which could result in injury, illness or death.  We also acknowledge that there are risks and dangers, which may arise at any time during the trip. We are also aware that medical services or facilities my not always be readily available while I am participating in the trip. A.S.K. About Travel cannot accept responsibility for the guests voluntary tour participation wherein it can affect the guests disclosed or undisclosed physical condition, including but not limited to: heart, blood pressure, back, pregnancy or any other physical ailment. Should guests choose non-participation in any tour due to any physical disability, after payment has been made, A.S.K. About Travel will not be required to make any refunds.
Non-Operation of Program:
A.S.K. About Travel reserves the right to cancel all or part of the package tour program at its reasonable discretion. If A.S.K. About Travel cancels a portion of the package tour due to weather, war or acts of war, terrorism, epidemics, pandemics or other reasons beyond its control or if a guests decides, for any reason whatsoever, not to participate in all or part of the tour, A.S.K. About Travel will not be required to make any refunds. Some tour programs are based on a specific number of guests traveling, and should that number not be reached, A.S.K. About Travel reserves the right to cancel the tour program. If flights are adversely impacted or guests are required to spend additional nights on locations, A.S.K. About Travel will take steps necessary to ensure the comfort of the guests, however, any transport, hotel, meal or other miscellaneous costs are the guests responsibility.
Bedding and Maximum Occupancy:
A.S.K. About Travel will request the bedding desired as directed by the travel advisor.  At some hotels and Cruise Lines there may be an additional charge if a crib or rollaway is required, payable to the property upon check-out or at the time of booking. Third and Fourth passenger fares are available upon request, and are subject to individual
hotel tariffs.
Travel Insurance: A.S.K. About Travel strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance. Please inquire as to cost and coverage at time of booking.
Accepted: ________ Denied: __________