The Cruise Price is What?!!!!

When the internet cruise web site says, “You can cruise for $549.00”? Does it seem too good to be true? Think about it; 7 days of non-stop food, and entertainment, a nice cabin and maid service and a variety of places to see for $549.00.

Let’s look at this more carefully by comparing apples to apples: A 7 day Canada New England cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line Sept 26, 2015 in an inside cabin category round trip New York City on the Norwegian Gem


$549.00 PP Total for 2 people $1098.00

Then when you give them your name and information and credit card information for the deposit and wham—-

Oops the price is now $1464.78 for 2 people

What just happened?????

Where did the $366.78 come from?

That is for the government taxes and fees that the cruise lines are required to charge. But why not say that up front instead of after you get all excited that you can afford this trip.


$1464.78 total for 2 people with the value add of an on board credit or gratuities or such

A travel professional gives you the full total in the quote not after you agree. They also will suggest that they cruise line insurance might be best in your circumstances or maybe a third party insurance. What about air? Are you going to drive there?

We think of the things which give you ALL the information not part of it. Then it is up to YOU to decide if that is what you want.

Why not call a professional and have them do the investigation for you? And make the suggestions for you which seem to be the best fit for you (gleaning information from what you tell them about you). We have been educated on all the cruise lines, through educational webinars, personal travel, and knowledge gleaned from years of experience. We know which cruise lines cater to the young which to the young at heart and what is the best fit for most people.

How does a professional get paid? For the most part travel consultants are paid a commission from the supplier. The rates vary depending on the amount of bookings they have done with the supplier and the amount of each sale. Most professionals also are now charging a planning fee to help with the investigation of the vacation. This rate varies significantly. My agency offers a 15 minute complementary consultation. After that time if you like our style agency and we feel we can help you, our charges range from $50.00 to $250.00 depending on the amount of research needs to be done.

I know this sounds complicated but it really isn’t. You will be able to get the benefit of our years of experience helping people make their dream vacations come true. We will be able to match you to the cruise that fits your personality and wants and needs.