Top 10 Reasons for Using Betty Obrien as your Travel Consultant

In a world where virtually all the information you need is just a search engine away, and there are websites and articles and you tube videos that can teach you how to do just about anything, one might make the mistake of believing that travel agents and travel consultants are outdated and redundant. What good can one of them do you for booking a hotel or cruise, when all you have to do is go to the supplier’s websites yourself?

Betty OBrien, your travel consultant

Betty OBrien, your travel consultant

By Kyra Boyle

Well, that’s where you’re missing out. Here are ten really good reasons to give Betty Obrien, a travel consultant a call.

  1. The convenience of one-stop shop. Instead of making a different online account for the hotel, the cruise, and the travel arrangements, all of that is organized through Betty. Planning a trip is not so overwhelming if you aren’t juggling five different websites/reservations/phone numbers at once.
  2. Betty knows more about the industry than you. Travel consultants spend their spare time networking and taking classes on and about the travel industry. She is well informed on how it works, and where to go. She is a wealth of untapped information, all in one place!
  3. Betty can sell everything. A single cruise line will not tell you that their competitor is a better fit for your vacation needs, but a Betty will. Betty’s in depth knowledge helps her to be honest with you about the pros/cons of different companies and vacation packages.
  4. Betty has already networked with hotels, cruise lines, and tourism boards. This gives her clout and leverage that you simply do not have the time to amass. Why not take advantage of it?
  5. Personalized vacations. Betty wants you to take a trip you will be happy to be on, which includes tailoring it to your specifications. If you’ve ever tried doing that on the internet, it’s a lot more complex than it sounds.
  6. Betty will be your ally if things go wrong. She will make alternate travel arrangements for you, and argue on your behalf with suppliers. She is also able offer higher accessibility than a 9-5 customer service department.
  7. Betty can offer the best deals. The industry uses travel consultants as advertising springboards. She have access to special discounts, promotional extras, and bookings that the public doesn’t, but these are things that she offers to her clients all the time.
  8. Sounding board. Betty will suggest places and activities you weren’t even aware of, and there is no fear if you don’t have a concrete idea of where to go or what to do. These brainstorming sessions are infinitely useful. She also will get back to you within 24 hours of any call no matter where in the world she is. You will be contacted.
  9. No surprises. Betty can design detailed itineraries for you, and you will have a much more accurate budget at the end of the day.
  10. Ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. Betty will retain useful information about what your travel needs and preferences are, and as you continue to work together their suggestions will only become more accurate and personalized. She can and will make traveling easy.

Travel consultants are still hugely relevant—perhaps even more so, with how busy we all find ourselves these days. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the logistics of flight connections, times and dates, why not let Betty OBrien help you out and make traveling easy and fun?