Travel Insurance. Is it Necessary?

Let’s talk this week about Travel Insurance.

Everyone is asked if they want to take travel insurance for every booking, but is it necessary? In my mind I say yes, and I put travel insurance on all of my personal booking.

Your vacation can be spoiled completely by an unexpected mishap or illness or canceled flight or weather issues. That is also not to say your bank account will be affected with the loss of the revenue. In some cases you can get a book in the future credit, but it is usually NOT the full value of the initial trip.

What would you do if your baggage is lost?

Who would you contact if you fell and had a serious medical issue?

What would you do if there was a terrorist incident in the area you are traveling too?

There are many companies who supply good travel insurance such as Travel Guard, CSA, Travel Allianz to just name a few.

They are available on their own websites or can be purchased through a travel adviser or travel supplier.

The one thing to remember is that they are only going to cover your vacation for medical reasons. Generally they MUST be purchased within 14 days of making a deposit on your trip.

They also all have exclusions for preexisting conditions, so make sure your read the fine print very carefully.

All of the major travel insurance companies have options in which you can purchase for an additional amount of money “cancel for ANY reason” insurance. That means if you have a personal problem that is non medical and need to cancel you will be refunded your designated amount of money.

As you get older, supplier insurance becomes the best insurance to get coverage for cancellations. The cost of third party insurance becomes very expensive.

Check with me or any other travel adviser that you trust for thoughts on travel insurance whenever you consider traveling. It will save you headaches in the future.