Wild Walkabout Travels

Dear Fellow Travelers, 

You know us as A.S.K. about Travel, but have you heard about our new addition? Wild Walkabout Travels has the same great service and personal approach, but with a furry edge! The focus for Wild Walkabout Travels is to get you interacting with animals in Australia, New Zealand, Africa-and even some unexpected places, like Japan!

Did you know there is a place in Australia where you can pet saltwater crocodiles? And who hasn’t wanted to feed a giraffe by hand while on safari in Africa? Our job here at Wild Walkabout Travels is to find fun and unique places throughout the world that give you the opportunity to see and interact with exotic animals up close and personal in their natural habitats.
At Wild Walkabout Travels, we understand how much you miss your furry friends at home, and we design your vacation adventure so that you can see and experience miraculous places all over the world while still getting your “fur fix”. 
In Australia the slang “going walkabout” means “to go on an adventure”. That’s what Wild Walkabout Travels is so excited about: giving you the adventure of your life!

Happy Adventuring,
Betty OBrien