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Yes we are having issues now but take advantage of the opportunities that are being offered.  The main thing is STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY and share what you can with others.

During this time think and dream about your future, that is about trips or where you want to be in 1,2,3,4, 5 years from now.  Then decide on a path and set a plan in action.  If we can help you at A.S.K.  call, text or email.  We love dreaming and planning (your trips of course) the rest of your life is on you.  Here is what one of my clients had to say during this time:

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice you’ll not be disappointed with Betty services.

I’ve used her for both multinational and domestic trips.  Her attention to detail, availability and active listing to understand my dreams and needs is par none.  Every hotel, tour and transportation needs have always exceeded my expectations.  It is to the point where each trip I find myself thinking wonder what she (Betty) lined up this time.  It is obvious Betty takes pride in what she does and sincerely wants each of my trips to be the best one yet.  You will not be disappointed, I am looking forward to when I can plan my next adventure thru her……. Turkey here I come.  

Thank you JR  Oct 2020


We have access to several VIRTUAL VACATIONS.  Sign up for one or all and enjoy “TRAVELING” the virtual way.  Then you will be ready to add places to your bucket list for future travel.

“Next Up and Coming Virtual Vacation for November!”  KENYA  November 19

Session 1 – 10am PDT, 11am MDT, 12pm CD, 1pm EDT

Session 2 – 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT

Session 3 – 2pm PDT, 3pm MDT, 4pm CDT, 5pm EDT


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay at Home —BUT DREAM



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